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Laboratoire Pierre Caron - Innovation - Production - Packaging

Selection of suitable and innovative ingredients

  • Monitoring of the latest market trends and product innovations
  • Sourcing ingredients: active elements and excipients
  • Validation of raw materials specifications
Optimized galenic formulation
  • Formulation: association of active elements and selection of dosages for optimal product efficiency
  • Selection of suitable galenics: capsules, tablets, gels, liquids, powders
  • Verification and validation of technical and industrial techniques
Regulatory expertise
  • Constant monitoring of regulatory and scientific developments
  • Validation of compliance and security of raw materials
  • Analysis of the regulatory compliance of your formula
  • Verification of your notices: claims and labelling
  • Creation of specific technical documents
  • Declaration and certification of your food supplement

Mentions légales | Credits
Certification ISO 22000 - Ecocert - UE -AB
Mentions légales